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Orders of Protection in Murfreesboro

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Orders of protection, also known as restraining orders, are issued to people who have shown a pattern of destructive and dangerous behavior. If your spouse, partner, or family member filed an order of protection against you, you have 15 days to request a hearing to contest it. We highly recommend you secure representation for this court appointment. Jon D. Slager, Attorney at Law, is a former police officer. He is always available for his clients and offers personalized attention when you need it most.

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What Does a Restraining Order Mean?

Restraining orders are customized to each case, but they generally restrict your freedoms to visit a family member or friend. Restraining orders are supposed to protect the petitioner from harassment, abuse, violence, stalking, or damage.

A typical order may:

  • Ensure you avoid any contact with the petitioner
  • Keep you from going within a range of your children’s school
  • Restrict contact with children to supervised visits
  • Order spousal or child support payments
  • Grant temporary custody to one parent
  • Require you to keep a specified distance from the petitioner’s residence
  • Ensure that you keep a proximity from the petitioner’s workplace

Restraining orders can be emotionally devastating. They can also affect your professional reputation. You may have a hard time maintaining or applying for jobs with an active restraining order. Additionally, this protective order may restrict your ability to exercise your Second Amendment right to own a firearm.

Defending Your Rights Against an Order of Protection

The court issues orders of protection based on the assumption that you are a danger to your family or another individual. If you can prove that these are false allegations, you may be able to successfully dismiss the order. In many cases, this comes down to a highly emotional, verbal battle. You will need a Murfreesboro family lawyer to come alongside you and present the facts properly.

Also Assisting Clients in Need of a Restraining Order

In addition to restraining order defense, we can secure restraining orders for those that are in need of one. Let us walk you through the petitioning process. We will gather evidence to show that you have been victimized, and fight to protect you from further harm.

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