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In the state of Tennessee, burglary is considered a felony. Convictions of this nature can result in jail time, very expensive fines, and marks on your criminal record. If you were charged with burglary, you need a caring and committed lawyer on your side. Jon D. Slager, Attorney at Law, is a former police officer fighting for the residents of Murfreesboro. He is focused on serving each client with affordable, personalized representation.

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The Elements of the Crime

Burglary involves two main elements:

  1. Illegally entering a building
  2. Intending to commit theft, assault, or another crime while on the premises.

In order to prove guilt, the prosecution must show that the defendant did both of these things. If the prosecution can only prove that the defendant illegally entered the property, the charges may be reduced to trespassing. Murfreesboro Burglary Defense Attorney

Illegally Entering a Property

Unlawfully entering a property involves going into a place where the defendant is not invited or expected without permission from the property owner. This may be a store, a home, or a business. Burglary charges also apply when a person remains somewhere after he or she is welcome.

For example, if a defendant hid in the mall after it was closed in an attempt to steal clothes, this would be considered burglary.

Intention to Commit Theft, Assault, or Another Crime

The second element of burglary requires that there must be a purpose for the break-in. Any intended crimes do not need to be carried out on the property. For example, if an individual breaks into a residence and attempts to steal a laptop, but is apprehended when the home alarm system goes off, he or she can still be charged with burglary.

Similarly, if an individual breaks into a building to assault a former boss, but is stopped before he causes injury, he can still be charged with burglary. The prosecution only needs to prove that there was an intention to harm, steal, or break the law.

The Charges for Burglary

Here are the charges for burglary as stated in the Tennessee Code Annotated:

  • Unlawfully entering a boat, airplane, or motor vehicle and intending to commit a crime: Class E felony
  • Unlawfully entering a building and intending to commit a crime: Class D felony
  • Aggravated burglary (involving domiciles): Class C felony
  • Cases where a victim sustains bodily injury: Class B felony

Most felony burglary charges come with a penalty of imprisonment ranging from 2 to 30 years.

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